Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

Redlesf offers hybrid technology which combines both thermal and visible light sensors into an integrated package.

The thermal sensor provides temperature monitoring, and the visible light sensor provides visual identification; both streams are fed into the NVR for synchronized recording and playback. The Blackbody device provides a constant reference temperature in view of the Thermal camera, assuring accurate temperature monitoring during continuous operation. Competing systems without a reference module won’t have the accuracy, or will require calibration if the ambient temperature changes. A/C units turning on and off, or a gust of wind from an entrance could easily skew readings, requiring re-calibration.


Ultra-high accuracy ±0.54° F temperature monitoring (with blackbody). Without the blackbody, the accuracy range drops to ±1.8° F.ePoE Technology for converting coaxial to pure IP and long distance transmission. Automatic temperature monitoring without personal contact. Live alerts to both mobile app and recorder, with automatic recording of temperatures that exceed limit defined by operator.

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