ICT & Telecommunication Solutions

ICT & TeleCommunication is the foundation for transforming business with
mobility providing employees with the tools to communicate and collaborate
anywhere, any time. Redleaf Solutions brings ICT & Tele­ communication systems networking to high traffic public areas such as airport terminals, convention centers, hotels, commercial offices, manufacturing, facilities, warehouses, and Universities.

  • Structure Cabling Systems: Redleaf in partnership with Excel Networking provides structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Wi-Fi Coverage Systems: We manage Wi-Fi networks that can cover a large area within a facility.
  • Data Center Systems: Redleaf is an expert in the design, supply and installation of fiber optic connectivity systems. We manage some of the largest data centers with reliable, scalable, high-performance connectivity, equipping them to serve their customers effectively without interruption.
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