Fire & Smoke Detection Camera

Redleaf in partnership with Bosch presents AVIOTEC camera – an IP camera with built-in video analytics. It is vital to detect fire as early as possible. The trained algorithm detects flames and smoke directly at the source. The device can therefore detect fires faster than a common point type detector on a ceiling.

Video-based fire detection is based on the capability of various analysis techniques that examine live images for fires. Compared to infrared and thermal imaging cameras, AVIOTEC uses optical analyses to detect flames and smoke. The fire detection technology has grown in its variety of application and stability over the last few years thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

AVIOTEC delivers the possibility of a redundant alarm transmission. On top, during a network shutdown the camera relay transmits the fire alarm to the fire detection system. Choose AVIOTEC to have the data processing under your control. A local, camera-based image processing analyses video sequences for fires without giving data out of your application/network. The coordination of camera, optics, algorithms and accessories gives best results also in harsh environments. Your profit: trust in constant performance also in changing environmental conditions and bad illumination.

AVIOTEC is VdS certified. Vds is a certificate that guarantees top quality. With its strict certification regulations, VdS provides for high-quality products that guarantee the best results and security even when used under the most adverse conditions.

Live Smart. Live Safe.

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